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  • franklin
    08-24 06:37 PM
    So I assume your PD need NOT be current to get FP notice?

    Correct - Assuming that your PD was current when you filled AOS, of course. If PD then retrogresses, I'm fairly certain you will still get the FP notice.

    As I understand it, your AOS application continues all the way up until final approval - at this point if your PD is still retrogressed it goes to a "approved pending visa number availability" state. They do not put it on hold just because your PD retrogresses.

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  • sasidhar79
    02-08 11:31 AM
    I think hopein07's idea of approaching Manmohan Singh is a good idea.

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  • ivgclive
    04-15 06:58 AM
    A Tennessee woman sent her "7 Years" old adopted son back to Russia "ALONE" in a flight saying that "Its over".

    Can a 7 Years old understand what is going on around him, he was already in an orphanage and this lady sent him back alone saying "no need for him anymore".

    Hell, you guys are talking about "immigrations and citizenships", there is something beyond those called "Basic human rights"

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  • catch22
    02-27 01:24 PM
    Are you guys nuts?

    Which country in the world would lobby another country to take in its citizens? Why would India lobby America to give permanent residence to its highly skilled Indian citizens? So that America can benefit? This would be tantamount to treason.

    You are not talking about H1B here. This is concerning Permanent Residence for eventual American citizenship. Think reasonably guys!


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  • ameryki
    07-16 10:14 PM
    try calling now..most dr's that were packed earlier this month are now wide open due to everyone cancelling. but do it fast with the new developments things might get tight again. for eg- I have an appt lined up for Wed morning just incase things come through tomorrow :-)

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  • talash
    05-09 01:43 PM
    Does any one know how mant days it takes to get denail notive .I-140 denied on April 22 and says notice mailed but didnt recieve yet .Both emploter and attorney havent recieved any thing yet .Is this Normal ?


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  • talash
    05-09 06:32 PM
    Making it more strange .My I-485 got denied om april 18th and my wifes 485 denied april 19th and online LUD says denail mailed on april 21 for both and then on april 22 i see I140 denial amd mailed but we didnt get any on denail notices yet .

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  • transpass
    09-22 02:30 PM
    With current situation in economy, I don't think our HR 5882 will be in the mark uplist. US govt has bigger problems than spending time for "recapture EB visas". I have no hope of recapture bill will be discussed near future. Sorry for my pesimistic views

    As much as I am disheartened with current situation regarding EB visas, I am more disheartened by this give up attitude...

    For all folks who do not act because of pessimistic views, please don't take this personally. Having pessimistic views are ok as long as they don't get you down so much so that you stop taking actions.

    Lemme tell you something my friends. I came to US in 94, and for reasons mentioned in my other postings, I am still in the waiting line for the GC...Compared to me (and may be a few others), most of you guys' situation is much better in terms of the wait. But even though I am disheartened, I never lost hope and the only thing that keeps me going is trying...I may bend, but I will never break...

    If you give up for something like GC, imagine how it will when you encounter bigger problems in life...My advice to you my friends is keep trying as long as there is a chance, and as long as there is nothing to lose...


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  • god_bless_you
    09-27 10:39 AM
    The United States, previously in first place, continues to enjoy an excellent business environment, efficient markets and is a global centre for technology development. However, its overall competitiveness is threatened by large macroeconomic imbalances, particularly rising levels of public indebtedness associated with repeated fiscal deficits. Its relative ranking remains vulnerable to a possible disorderly adjustment of such imbalances, including historically high trade deficits

    for full report etc --

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  • schutthalde
    July 5th, 2004, 03:04 PM
    I do have a D70 as well as other AF and non-AF cameras and never had such problems before. I have backfocus-problems with all lenses on the D70. I ran some simple testing that confirmed this. In practice, this will only be a problem shoting faces wide open - but here, it's quite bad.


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  • gc28262
    09-22 12:20 PM
    Anyways we never expected this to be an easy one.

    Let us keep trying.
    Maybe we should do behind the scenes action through state chapters instead of this public forum.

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  • qplearn
    10-23 07:26 PM
    Interesting, Murthy's report ( makes a different interpretation. qplearn, could you please clarify your sources or shed some more light on the issue?:confused:
    For the record, filed I-140 and I-485 concurrently (EB2) on June 21 at NSC. Got FP, my wife got EAD.
    My lawyer tells me so. Also, the bulletin you cite is very old. Most people stuck in name check, for which BTW there is a separate thread, will coroborrate what i've said.


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  • raj3078
    02-14 05:22 PM
    Guys have any clue as to when the CIR will be taken up by the they have any kind of a calendar??.
    I think Pres Bush is asking the same question.....Seems like you guys have something in common :D

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  • n.sravan
    10-04 10:40 AM
    Also, forgot to mention, We have both passports with us (old surname and new surname)


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  • Leo07
    02-24 08:16 PM
    I agree that we must have a way to weed out anti-immigrants.

    But, that's it so hard to figure out anti-immigrants when they sign-up & turn-up? :)

    I have seen a similar thing with our other campaign - "File 485 before PD is current". There are some forums spreading negative information about IV and this might be the reason.
    Of course theoretically it is possible to have them participate in these without creating an ID (which is free). We have to verify in some way to avoid antis, maybe ID or bill or some other way.
    We don't want to go to USCIS with 100s of members from numbersUSA or fishing site users.

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  • jonty_11
    05-22 06:10 PM
    they will have ur recors...and ur I797 application to prove u r legal...

    Its a ironic sattire.....we r all trying to prove ourselves illegal now,


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  • sam2006
    08-22 08:35 PM
    I got my EAD today...Even i received my Wife EAD also...Mine is sent to NSC on july 2nd...I received EAD's from Texas Center...I think my application was transferred to Texas...I have approved I-140 from Texas...Are receipt numbers for EAD, 485, AP are in serial? I haven't received receipts yet...I filled attorney did not receive my receipts...I don't know what is going on...

    i guess we have to hang in there for TSC transfers :rolleyes:

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  • permfiling
    12-11 02:46 AM
    I missed the train too.. I guess we missed on purpose which is we make RICH in our own country in the future

    Business as Usual. They are minting (milking) money with other services.

    Damn H1, GC,#$%#$%$%$%^%$^

    All MNC's are flocking to INDIA lately. I think I am sitting on the wrong continent :-)

    Quotes on INDIA:

    a is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition.” - American Writer and Humorist Mark Twain

    “If there is one place on the face of earth where all dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India.” - French scholar Romain Rolland

    “India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border.” - Hu Shih (Former Chinese ambassador to USA, referring to the entry of Buddhism into China. Buddhism was born in ancient India).

    So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked.”- Mark Twain

    “In India I found a race of mortals living upon the Earth. but not adhering to it. Inhabiting cities, but not being fixed to them, possessing everything but possessed by nothing.”- Apollonius Tyanaeus, Greek Thinker and Traveller 1st Century AD

    “Bear in mind that the commerce of India is the commerce of the world and … he who can exclusively command it is the dictator of Europe.”- Peter the Great of Russia [LOOKS LIKE WE ARE GETTING THERE WITH IT]

    EB2- 10/05
    EB1 EA Appeal pending

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  • nixstor
    08-29 01:19 PM
    Do they seek some sort of public opinion? If yes, Is that open to non U S citizens? Is there some kind of voting involved? We can touch base with UTD Student Associations so that they can forward it to their alumni who are still in that area.

    June 11th, 2004, 07:46 PM
    I appologize profusely for the misunderstanding... entirely mea cupla. :(

    Anyway, you won't have to worry about having to see any bit of me anymore... perhaps there's somewhere where someone who shoots non-Canon equipment that doesn't have a CMOS or CCD inside it is welcome. Goodbye.

    08-23 03:23 PM
    :)Our check was cashed today 08/22

    We paid with one check for: two I-485�s, and two EAD�s. In little space on the check where it says �for� I wrote fees. So, just want to let you know from my experience that, obviously, it does not matter if you paid with one check for all forms and applicants (in our case total was $1,150) or with separate checks for each application.

    Our details:
    PD � Aug., 2005
    EB-3 ROW
    I-485, EDA � reached TSC on Jul. 2nd
    Check cashed � 08/22
    Called Bank of America and got all 4 case numbers from the back of the check.
    Checked INS website � applications were received on Aug. 21st and currently pending.
    Receipts were mailed .

    All applications were prepared and sent by lawyer, so I don�t know exact time when they reached INS or who signed for it.
    Good luck everybody !

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